Certified Makeup Artist, Licensed Esthetician

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"Let your inner beauty shine for all the world to see..."

Cecee Marie definitely believes theSkin Care & the Art of Makeup go hand-in- hand. “You must have a smooth, clean canvas to paint on. If beauty is only skin deep, shouldn't you make sure it's at its best?”. Although Cecee started her career as a makeup artist, she quickly fell in love with skin as well.

Taking up makeup started as a hobby, but after numerous opportunities to display her craft, she decided to go to school to perfect her talent. She attended Studio Makeup Academy in 2005 and completed the Master Course, excelling in Theatre Art. One year later she enrolled in Bellflower Esthetician School and graduated with Special Mention. Cecee went on to press her way into the
Skin Care field, but it wasn’t until 2010 that she made Skin Care her focus and started to make a name for herself. With each year her loyal clientele has grown, in both Makeup and Skin Care.

Cecee believes you can tell a lot about a person by just examining their skin. Lifestyle habits,
heritage, product use and more can all be identified with an in depth look. Educating clients
always comes first in treating each and every client. Cecee specializes in hyperpigmentation and hormonal/chemical induced acne and prides herself on "quick and almost painless" extractions. 
She has been an esthetician for 12 years and makeup artist for 13 years, and has loved every minute of it. “It never feels like work, I make a connection with every client by providing a sense of comfortability and trust. I present all of the facts before "promising" results…BUT YOU WILL GET THEM”.

Makeup never took a "back seat". Cecee maintained relationships with Producers like Rockmond Dunbar, Paul Hannah and Angela White. She also cultivated a relationship with KimZ Productions. Cecee has taken part in any opportunity presented to her. She looks forward to future projects.

Always ready and willing to learn, Cecee takes every opportunity in furthering her education as a Skin Therapist/Makeup Artist.
Paying her opportunities forward, she has taught multiple classes in both skin and makeup in schools and women’s conferences as well as volunteered her time and services at the Good Shepherd Center.

Her instant gratification comes from the smile on each client’s face…it’s all about CONFIDENCE.