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 I can't tell you how the services and products have changed my skin  and confidence drastically. I went from scars all over my face to clear skin. I suffer from PCOS, a hormonal disorder and its causes cystic acne. I also suffer with hyper pigmentation so I scar no matter. I can honestly say services and products are the only thing that helped my skin. Cecee is a beautiful, knowledgeable, and caring esthetician. She takes pride in the wonderful work that she does and I really appreciate her. Every recommendation that she has recommended for my skin has been on point. Monthly microdermabrasion, facials, and body scrubs have done wonders. Cecee is amazing!!!!

Mercedes M. (excerpt from Yelp)

Cecee was very nice and I enjoyed her energy and the way she explained everything. I couldn't see very well when I came out but once I got to the car, I could see immediately how much brighter my skin looked. I have scarring and it already looked less obvious on my skin. She also provided me with products. She went in depth to walk me through each product and what I need to do. I have seen good results from friends and I can't wait to try myself. I am very happy so far and I look forward to seeing how this will improve my skin overall.

Tiffany C. (excerpt from Yelp)

My esthetician, Cecee, is marvelous, thorough and well informed.

Yolie D. (excerpt from Yelp)

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